Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grad Update

:S:L:P: Here's a look at the first panel of my grad piece. The other five are coming along nicely and the process of merging the digital prints with hand drawn figures is working nicely. Check back for more updates soon and mark May 1st on your calendars for the Emily Carr Grad Show!

In other news, the second mounting of the Carded Show! opened last night and will be up until April 20th at the Ayden Gallery in Tinseltown. Check out all the great work!

Finaly, I've been listening to a great podcast on illustration called Big Illustration Party Time. Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble geek out weekly about all things illustration, interview awesome illustrators and cartoonists, talk shop and fill your ears with tons of behind the scenes tidbits. Check it out!

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