Monday, July 25, 2011

Metropol CMYsKull

Metropol asked me to design an image for the light box in the window of their print shop at the dazzling Atrium building. After pulling a much appreciated all-nighter, Steve Webb got the giant-sized print up and it looks great!

Stop by their shop at 1311 Blanchard Street and have a gander, then order some new business cards or a glorious poster.

Prints are available there as well!

Here's a bit of process:

Sketch. Blue Col-erase pencil on Strathmore tracing paper. ~19"x27"

This piece started out as a large, random, warm-up doodle on a large piece of tracing paper I had on my drafting table. After playing around with it I stumbled on the coincidence that swallow tail butterflies have a natural CMYK(ish) colouring. Perfect for a digital print shop poster!

Pencils. Graphite on Rives BFK, 20"x26"

My scanner had a brain fart and created an odd stepped patern. After a stern talking to it sorted itself out.

Final colours. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with acrylic and watercolour textures.

I originally did a 3 diminutional text treatment of metropol's CMYK logo but Steve wanted to keep Metropol's branding consistent so we decided to remove it and replace it with their 'M' logo in the top corner (not shown).

And here it is up and shining at the Atrium!

Prints available at Metropol, 1311 Blanchard Street, Victoria BC


  1. Man, STUNNING! Great, great work...

  2. Saw it when I first walked by and fell in love with it instantly.